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© Frédéric César

The Mammuth is the beer that made us brew again after 8 years of inactivity. We were looking for something new, something different. A refreshing beer to drink on the hot days during the Belgian summer (no pun intended ;-))

We do love the Witbier style at The Oak Brewery, but we also like fresh taste, new atypical beers, and peated/smoked whisky. We wanted to brew a beer that could bring all this together, and eventually lead to a unique result.

The Baby Mammuth is a nod to the newborn baby who joined the brewery family back then, when we planned to brew the third batch of this beer. Note that it has a lower ABV than the original Mammuth.

Style: Witbier
Alcohol by volume: 4,8 %
Original Gravity: 1.048
Bitterness units (IBU): 15,4
Color (EBC): 9,9
Calories: 436,7 kcal/l
Yeasts: Blanche Ale
Hops: Hallertauer, Styrian Goldings
Malts: Belgian Wheat, Melanoidin, Peat Smoked, Flaked Wheat
Batch #: 4
Serving Temperature: 4-7 °C
Packaging: 25 cl
Glassware Recommendation: Tulip
Availability: Year Round, 6-packs
Ideal Within: One Year

Original Release Date: 05/2012

batch # bottling date
1 04/2012
2 15/07/2012
3 11/04/2013
4 03/04/2014