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La Papale

© Toni Oliveira

La Papale is a refreshing fruity beer based on our year-round witbier, the Quercus.

La Papale is brewed with fresh Belgian blackberries which gives it its slightly sour flavor very characteristic to blackberries. Drink it cool, and pair it with chocolate-based desserts to bring out all the flavors.

The name of this beer is a shout-out to a very good friend of ours, Vincent Vanasch (@VincVanasch), Belgian field hockey player and Olympian.

Vincent, you're inspiring the next generation, making a beer in your honor was the least we could do.
At the brewery we wish you all the best for Rio 2016!

Style: Fruit (Wheat) Beer
Alcohol by volume: 4,7 %
Original Gravity: 1.058
Bitterness units (IBU): 14,4
Color (EBC): 12,2
Calories: 460 kcal/l
Yeasts: Blanche Ale
Hops: Hallertauer, Styrian Goldings
Malts: Belgian Pilsner, Belgian Wheat, Caramel/Crystal, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats
Batch #: 2
Serving Temperature: 4-7 °C
Packaging: 25 cl
Glassware Recommendation: Stange
Food Pairing: Chocolate-based desserts
Availability: July-October, 4-packs
Ideal Within: Six Months

Original Release Date: 10/2012

batch # bottling date
1 27/10/2012
2 24/07/2013