Frequently Asked Questions

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people. It then makes even more sense to check our FAQ section below.

In the event you'd still have a question, feel free to contact us, we'll be more than happy to answer it!


  • I’m allergic to nuts! Are there nuts or nut-based ingredients used in your beer?

    Nope. The Oak Brewery does not currently use nuts or nut-based ingredients in any of the beer we make.
    We do use nutmeg in our fall seasonal Ale-O-Ween but nutmeg is not a nut and does not contain any nut protein.


  • My beer doesn't taste like I expected. What should I do?

    If you are not satisfied with one of our beers, please let us know. Go to the contact page and include the following information in your communication:
    • When and where your purchased the beer
    • The batch number
    • What it tasted like

    We test every batch that leaves the brewery. Providing us with the above information will help us identify the batch your beer came from.


  • I am looking for general nutritional information on your beers. Where can I find it?

    We currently list the amount of calories for each beer. See the beer details pages for more information.
  • Do you produce a gluten free beer?

    None of our beers are gluten free. Unfortunately, we don’t routinely test for gluten content in our beers.
  • Do your beers contain corn or milk?

    None of our beers contain traces of corn or milk. However, there is some residual sugar: glucose, maltose, and maltotriose. These sugars are derived from malted barley.


  • How can I find your beers near me?

    Use our Beer Locator to find stores or places that sell our beers.
  • I want to see where all the magic happens. Do you offer brewery tours?

    Not yet. The brewery is that small that no real tour is needed. However, the brewery is not open all the time as we do not have fixed schedule.
    It's best to contact us and we'll take it from there to schedule a visit for you.
  • Do you serve food at the brewery?

  • How can I stay informed about your events?

    The best way to stay informed about the events we host, or participate in, is to follow our Twitter and Facebook streams as well as our Events page - It's all in there.


  • What is the story of how The Oak Brewery started?

    You can read all about it on our Brewery History page.


  • What are some lead times? For which products?

    A majority of our lead times are 8 weeks or less. All beers are not brewed at all times. Seasonals, special beers, etc are only brewed on specific schedules. You can check the beer page to find out more information on when beers are brewed.